Services Offered

Who can WilOx Design help

WilOx Design specializes in conceptual design, design optimization, 3D modelling, reverse engineering and tooling design of non-metallic and metallic products covering a large cross-section of industries, for example:

 • An individual with an idea to develop
 • Aerospace and other advanced structures
 • Custom fabrications
 • Pressure and vacuum vessels
 • Process tanks and vessels
 • Specialized process equipment
 • Sport and recreational vehicles

How can WilOx Design help you or your company

WilOx Design can assist with:

 • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
 • Conceptual through to Final Designs
 • Product Development
 • Prototype Development
 • Tooling Development
 • Pattern Development
 • Selection of Manufacturing Methods
 • Engineering Calculations
 • Finite Element Analysis
 • 3D models for advertising through to machining and manufacturing
 • Generate 2D drawings from the 3D models
 • Reverse engineering