WilOx Design was started in Durban, South Africa and is now based in British Columbia, Canada. The company has over 8 years of mechanical engineering design experience. WilOx Design has been involved in a wide range of projects from small widgets to complete machines. WilOx Design focuses on the fiber-reinforced plastics and molded plastics sectors.

Some of WilOx Design's clients in South Africa and Canada are:
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 • G7 Technology - FRP Fabricator
 • Mallards Marine - Sport Boat Manufacture
 • Free Divers - Spear guns & Accessories
 • QPet - PET Bottle manufacture

 • Barski Industries (1985) LTD - FRP Fabricator (Canadian)

Aims & Objectives

The Main aim is to provide companies & individuals with the following services:

 • Product design
 • Prototype development
 • Pattern & tooling design, development & manufacture


The Main objective is to ultimately assist these companies to become more competitive via technology transfer.

3D PDF Samples

If you are intrested in viewing 3D PDF samples of our completed projects,
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Company Visits

If you would like more information, we can schedule an appointment to share a 15 minute presentation about WilOx Design.
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