Develop New Products

Welcome. If you or your company are thinking about developing a new plastic, fiberglass, metallic or wooden product or machine, manufacturing injection moulding tooling, or building patterns for fiber glass products, WilOx Design can assist.

Companies through to Individuals


In the economic slowdown, we have found that companies have seen ease on their manufacturing demands and have used this gap to turn to research and development of new products. Projects or ideas that companies could not develop due to time and/or resource constraints can now be pursued. This enables companies to be productive and move forward in these economic tough times. Companies that do not have an in house engineer use the services of WilOx Design to design and develop new products that will keep them one-step ahead of their competition.


Have you ever thought of a great idea but did not know how to turn your idea into a product, only to see your idea selling in a store years later? And you think to yourself "If only I had been able to develop my idea!". WilOx Design assists individuals who have great ideas for products but do not have the skills or knowledge to develop their idea into a tangible product. WilOx Design helps their clients design and model their ideas, create cost effective 3D PDF files for presentations/advertising, produce the tooling for their products and find manufacturers that can produce and package their products.


"I was quite impressed with your presentation, you can definitely count on other projects from me."
Daniel Chailler - Barski Industries (1985) Ltd

"Again great to work with someone with your knowledge."
Daniel Chailler - Barski Industries (1985) Ltd

"This is absolutely world class."
Svend Lutz - G7 Technology

"Thank you for the excellent work you have done so far on the unit, you have incorporated some excellent ideas."
James Bentley - G7 Technology